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Thursday June 22 2017

The Non-Cloud Solution to GDPR Compliance

Are cloud-based solutions really our only option post-GDPR?

The Non-Cloud Solution to GDPR Compliance

GDPR compliance is very much a hot topic, with the EU Parliament finally having set a date for enforcing the zero-tolerance regulation to data protection and privacy. As of 25th March 2018, the stakes will be even higher for organisations failing to comply with data privacy laws; either a £17.2 million fine or 4% of their annual turnover – whichever is higher.

There’s been an information overload in light of it, but what do business really need to know, or do to get compliant?

Traditionally (or at least, in the world of technology) the topic of data protection and Cloud-based softwares tend to go hand-in-hand. Offering a remotely maintained, backup storage solution, there’s no doubt that Cloud-based computing has a cemented future when it comes to data storage – but is it really our only option post-GDPR?


Put simply, no. There’s no choice in GDPR compliance but there are choices in how we become compliant. With its usability, connectivity and software accessibility being called into question, before even considering the switching costs, it’s fair to say that cloud-based computing isn’t going to be for everyone.

Moreover in light of recent high-profile cyber security attacks, a reluctance to accommodate cloud-based storage is particularly rife, particularly amongst SMEs with long-standing members of staff and/or small teams or largest organisations that simply aren’t suited to cloud-computing.


What to look for

With that in mind, a GDPR compliant alternative solution lies in remote management capabilities of encrypted memory sticks. To make sure your workplace is GDPR-ready and equipped with fit-for-purpose security measures, here are some factors to consider when deciding whether you would prefer investing in encrypted USB flash drives as a non-cloud solution:


1. Managed Drives

Do you need a managed drive for your workforce, enabling you to manage the USBs from a central position via the cloud? Managed drives enable remote solutions, allowing you to control USBs and their data remotely, with features including; disabling and geo-fencing USBs, resetting passwords, lock downs of USBs by serial number and the ability to change to read-only modes. For managed Kingston drives, shop SafeConsole encrypted USB drives, and Ironkey EMS for Ironkey drives.

2. Required Capacity

How much data do you currently store and will you need to store the same amount of data in the future? Or will you be implementing stricter policies in regards to collecting and storing data the workplace?

3. Encryption Level

How sensitive is the data that your organisation collects and therefore what level of encryption do you require? The current highest level of encryption for USB memory sticks is the FIPS 140-2 Level 3. These USB drives are extra secure, sealed in epoxy resin which destroys the circuit board’s components if tampered with – making any data saved on the drive irretrievable.

4. Password Protection
If you are looking for a drive with true secure password protection then consider the Kingston DT4000G2 managed drives or the Ironkey D300 and S1000 drives, that all lock down and reformat after 10 incorrect attempts to access the USB.

5. Anti Virus
Kingston DTVP30M
, DT4000G2M,  Ironkey D300 and S1000 also integrate with the McAfee anti virus software via SafeConsole to enable protection of files on the USB. This means that if you are worried about virus’ being shared between computers on or off site then you have protection with this handy feature.


For more help and information on getting your organisation GDPR-ready with encrypted USBs, get in touch with encryption experts at Kingston Memory Shop.


Author Bio

This article was written by Leigh Cowell, the Managing Director of Sweet Cow Ltd, T/a Kingston Memory Shop – authorised Kingston resellers of GDPR encrypted memory sticks.

"Before we even consider the switching costs, its fair to say that cloud-based computing isnt going to be for everyone."
Leigh Cowell, Kingston Memory Shop

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